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Our family has grown up with pets all its life and they have brought so much joy into the family. In that case we have been breeding these pets as a hobby in order to share that joy with other families. We decided to breed French Bulldogs as we have had them all our lives so we are very verse with the breed. We are serious about perfecting health and conformation in our line. We breed first and foremost to improve the health of French Bulldogs and have judges evaluate our dogs against breed standards at conformation shows. We plan our breeding’s to correct imperfections and to produce the best puppies possible.

Our goal is to provide happy, healthy, pure bred French bulldog puppies to pet homes where they will be loved, cared daily and spoiled rotten by their new owners.

Once you get a puppy from us we will always be available to answer any questions from you if you need assistance to see that the puppy is well taken care of and spoiled rotten by their new family.

In case you can no longer take care of the puppy in future, we request you contact us first so we can take the puppy or dog back and carter for or long for another loving and caring home rather than giving it out to shelters. 

We have 3 kids, 2 girls (Juan 8 years old and Thrice 13 years old) and our boy Ken who is 5 years old. They are all pets lovers and hate to see any of our puppies sad. You can see the puppies have all grown up with kids and other pets as we have our 9 year old cat name Johnny.

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