What our clients think

Dear Jeffery

I want to thank you! Our wonderful Boomer has now been with us for over two years. I have a pedigree on him and everything. He has placed in a couple of the local dog shows and is a wonderful house pet. To any of you buyers: This is wonderful thing. These are wonderful people and they are overwhemingly reasonable. I can't believe what I paid for Boomer and he was a steal. he was shipped and home delivered to us safely

Rogers Antoinne
Tulsa, OK



I just bought one of the new puppies from you and he is the best investment i have ever made. He is the best dog that i and my friends have ever had around. I can only speak from my experience with BO, but so far i love him, humping and all.

Aaron Miller  

Deland,Fl. USA


I just bought my little " Sugar" from you 4 months ago, she's the cutest French bulldog and very affectionate, thanks for everything Blackhawk..you're the best.

madelyn  Sam

 Bronx, New York USA


 We adopted Harley from you Last year. when we lived in Columbus, OH. Since then we have just recently moved to Cheyenne Wy,and would just like to say Harley is loving the open spaces and chasing jack rabbits. She is a wonderful pet and part of the family. Thanks, 

Duke and Marie Collins


My wife and I purchased our frenchie  puppy last November. He is a wonderful,loving, beautiful pet. I could'nt ask for any better. 

Joe Allen 

Fallon, NV

Hey Jeffery,

Me and my friend Michele bought a female french bulldog from you in June 2014. We named her abbygale ( abby for short ) She is THE most lovable adorable pup I have ever been around in my life. She is always happy and loves her older sisters Jessie and Pebbles. I would buy another one in an instant if I could. Thanks for raising such beautiful dogs!

Vancouver ,BC. Canada


I bought Drake and Kate from you guys last October. They are two of the most amazing dogs,if they had anymore I would have brought them home too. 

Craig Anderson
Savannah, Ga